Who is this Texan in the Kitchen?

Hi Everyone!!

A little about me… I’m a 38 year old business owner, foodie and world traveler. My husband is a handsome Italian, which being around him and his family, has brought some amazing authentic Italian inspired dishes into my Southern style repertoire.

I started cooking, well, helping my grandma in the kitchen as soon as I could see over the stove to stir a pot. She loved cooking for our family and she taught me simple, old-fashioned southern style cooking from scratch.

When I got a little older, my Mom, Dad and other grandparents passed along some other amazing recipes and techniques that I’ve blended with my own research and trial and errors in the kitchen.

I’ve been blessed enough in my life that I’ve been able to travel all over the world; Greece, England, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Italy not to mention many states across the US. Because I’m such a foodie, each trip could really just be a vacation centered around how many different local restaurants I can try! Experiencing the different cultures have definitely influenced my cooking and inspired me to try new things, sometimes creating a little food fusion between different cultures for some fun, interesting and delicious meals.

I’m still learning new things and testing new recipes, but as I perfect new dishes in the kitchen, I am looking forward to sharing all of my tried and true ones, with you!

Here’s to all your delicious adventures,

Jennifer Cherry